Know More Games
December 2014
Interview and reading with Wayne Koestenbaum and Svetlana Kitto

As part of SoulSeek, an interview series hosted by the gallery Know More Games, I did a reading and interview with Wayne Koestenbaum. Our readings and the interview are part of a virtual exhibit and archive of audio, video and images, which form a database linking a wide and sometimes conflicting set of conversations.

American Design Now: After the Museum: An oral history project of the American Design Club
Museum of Arts and Design
Spring 2013
Interview with Patrick Kim

As part of the “American Design Now: After the Museum” annual design program, which aims to make the process of design more transparent, I did an oral history project of the American Design club, featuring interviews with Patrick Kim and Fort Standard. The interviews were featured in the exhibit, online and are now in the museum archive.

Was This About People Dying? Literature and Community During the AIDS Crisis
Lesbian Herstory Archives
Project Lead/Interviewer
October 2009–present
Interview with Penny Goldenberg

This project explores the emergence of new communities and creativities in the early days of the AIDS crisis. Lesbian writers and activists tell stories of their experiences as friends, lovers, caretakers, and chroniclers that restore distinct vitality to an era of crisis often overshadowed by death.