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  1. Hi Svetlana

    I enjoyed reading your piece about the B&H. I ate there a lot in the early seventies as did all my friends. I know a fair amount of background about the old Jewish guys, In fact the B in B&H Abbie Burkeson (retired at this point) was in the same hospital room as my father in Beth Isreal in the prostrate ward.But I really know more about the charismatic characters who worked ther counter back in the seventies. After a twenty year gap I started eating there again every week day (I worked near by). There was still one of the original seventies guys working the counter, Raymond. He was Puerto Rican but he knew blintzes and kasha varniskis as well as any man. I was very glad I got to close the circle before they discontinued vegetarian chopped liver (on challah bread a wonder to behold and ingest).

    Glenn Appleman

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