2015 BHM

2015 Black History Month Exhibit
Clifford Chance, LLC
February–May 2015

This exhibition combines historical and contemporary photographs to draw a historical through-line between the struggle for civil rights and social justice in the African American community past and present. Alternating historical and contemporary photographs (national marches, prominent political activists, protest slogans and placards) structures a dialogue between images and shows the ongoing struggle for racial justice within a historical context. The exhibition also highlights the artists, photographers and photojournalists who are doing the important work of documenting this struggle today, alongside their historical forebears.

Soul Seek w_Svetlana and Wayne

SoulSeek interview and reading with Wayne Koestenbaum
Know More Games gallery
December 2014

As part of SoulSeek, an interview series hosted by Know More Games, did a reading and interview with Wayne Koestenbaum. Our readings and the interview are part of a virtual exhibit and archive of audio, video and images, which form a database linking a wide and sometimes conflicting set of conversations.


SoMove: Social Movements Oral History Tour
Baltimore Racial Justice Action
May 2014

In spring and summer of 2014 SoMove toured North America, collecting oral histories and ideas from radical, Left and progressive social movement activists and organizers across the continent. As part of the tour, I traveled to Baltimore and did a series of interviews with Baltimore Racial Justice Action, a non-profit organization that works to dismantle racism. To share these stories and many others, SoMove will create and curate a traveling installation and an online, multimedia platform.


Adult Contemporary Reading Series
October 2013-

ADULT CONTEMPORARY is an experimental non/fiction salon series featuring readings, lectures, performances and interviews with and by established and emerging writers. We seek out first person perspectives characterized by the urgent and the everyday; true stories that connect us to the big by way of the small, uneventful, and unexpected. Readings are followed by informal conversations.

 Racial Realities

Writings from Racial Realities
Brooklyn Historical Society
June 2013

In spring of 2013, I developed and taught the class Racial Realities: Writing About Race in the First Person as part of Crossing Borders, Bridging Generations’ programming series. The literature and writing workshop focused on fiction, memoir, oral history, and essay forms that reflected experiences of race and identity from a variety of historical periods and cultural perspectives. The readings were organized around themes—Race, Language, Family and Identity; Race and Adolescence; Race and Place; and Race in America—which students then used as a model to explore their own points of view and memories though writing. At the end of the eight-week class, they revised and edited their favorite pieces, which we then collected into an online journal.



“American Design Now: After the Museum”
Museum of Arts and Design
Spring 2013

As part of the “American Design Now: After the Museum” annual design program, which aims to make the process of design more transparent, I did an oral history project of the American Design club, featuring interviews with Patrick Kim and Fort Standard. The interviews were featured in the exhibit, online and are now in the museum archive.

Professors Emeritus Oral History Project
Jewish Theological Seminary

Project Lead/Interviewer
October 2011-present

The Jewish Theological Seminary is one of the oldest rabbinical schools in the country as well as a major center for academic scholarship in Jewish studies. This is its first oral history project to focus on the history of the institution and how it connects to New York, Judaism and the world, all from the perspective of its distinguished Professors Emeritus.


Crossing Borders, Bridging Generations
Brooklyn Historical Society
October 2011-present

The Brooklyn Historical Society’s CBBG project examines the history and experiences of mixed-heritage people and families, cultural hybridity, race, ethnicity and identity.

The Gotham Gay-Straight Alliance Banner Project
Gotham Professional Arts Academy, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
February–June 2011

In this semester-long series of art and oral history workshops, high school members of a gay-straight alliance interviewed each other and used their transcripts to develop large-scale banners that addressed issues related to identity, visibility and acceptance.
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Was This About People Dying? Literature and Community During the AIDS Crisis
Project Lead/Interviewer
October 2009–present

This project explores the emergence of new communities and creativities in the early days of the AIDS crisis. Lesbian writers and activists tell stories of their experiences as friends, lovers, caretakers, and chroniclers that restore distinct vitality to an era of crisis often overshadowed by death.
listen to audio interview with Penny Goldberg